Privacy Statement

Personal information we collect from you will be used by Julie Burgess Inc. only. Your email address or phone number may be disclosed to other active members of the association for operational purposes, but all other details are confidential and are only accessible to Julie Burgess Inc. administration or law enforcement agencies and other public sector bodies or organisations authorised to collect it. This information will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 and may be accessed by you on request to the Julie Burgess Inc. administration team.


Julie Burgess Inc. Crew Conditions

To maintain good relationships with fellow crew members, to ensure the successful overall promotion and operation of the vessel and Julie Burgess activities, and to promote and recognise safety and fine seamanship the following requirements are necessary for a potential volunteer crew member to accept:

  • To obtain a good knowledge of, and to uphold, the vessel’s operating manual and systems, and the organisational policies and procedures and to be a team player.

  • To accept orders and instructions from the skipper, sailing master or other designated person at all times.

  • Smoking, illicit substances, harassment or ill-will of any kind and the over-indulgence of alcohol are strictly not permitted at any time on the vessel or, at any Julie Burgess Inc. related event or, function.

  • Maintaining both personal space and your person in a clean and tidy state at all times. (The vessel is relatively confined; personal cleanliness is paramount at all times for comfort and health.)

  • Training is undertaken periodically and volunteers are asked to attend whenever possible to achieve “accreditation” on each aspect of the particular operation. This is important to ensure both the safety of the person and the vessel.

  • Volunteers must be over 18 years of age on the date of application unless Parental/Guardian Consent provided below.

  • No payment will be made to you by Julie Burgess Inc.

  • You must be willing to obtain a Working With Vulnerable People Card if requested by Julie Burgess Inc. to do so.

  • Some positions will require a Working with Vulnerable People Registration or other relevant certification.

  • Some volunteering roles require health assessments to ensure the volunteer is fit to perform the inherent requirements of the role.

  • Only while you are assisting Julie Burgess Inc. in your volunteer role, and while your assistance is approved and/or known by Julie Burgess Inc., you may be covered for Public Liability Insurance.

  • While acting as a volunteer, a limited personal accident insurance cover is provided by Julie Burgess Inc. subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • Should any incident or near miss (resulting in injury or damage to property or any other parties) occur to you while you are acting as a volunteer of Julie Burgess Inc., you must notify the Julie Burgess Inc. President, Secretary or Treasurer or the Skipper immediately, or as soon as practicable.

  • The Julie Burgess Inc’s Insurance Policy will not cover costs incurred by volunteers driving private vehicles or uninsured vehicles, comprehensive car insurance is recommended.

  • Completion of this form is an expression of interest only and does not infer in any way the offer of a placement with Julie Burgess Inc.

  • Julie Burgess Inc’s Personal Accident Insurance Policy covers up to 90 years of age, therefore any Voluntary work that may be undertaken by Volunteers over 90 years of age would not be covered by this Insurance. We do not want to discourage Volunteering due to this, and we encourage them to actively continue Volunteering and appreciate their contribution and commitment.

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