Public Health Management

The Board of Julie Burgess Inc. strongly recommends that for the protection of passengers and crew all intending passengers fully comply with the current government and health guidelines. This includes recognising COVID-19 standard sanitising precautions.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

Charter Tours

Imagine setting sail with a group of your friends or family, your wedding party or your colleagues for an adventure around the stunning coastlines of Tasmania on board a heritage-listed tall ship.

You and your group could set sail with the experienced crew of the Julie Burgess for an exploration of Bass Strait with views you may never have seen before, the wind in your hair, meals in the galley and the chance to get involved with hoisting the sails.

If you would like to charter the Julie Burgess please complete and submit the “Charter Booking Information Form” below. To ensure we are able to address your request, and to make all necessary arrangements, we need a minimum of 14 days’ notice prior to the date of your event. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you onboard.

Memorable Charters

Experience unforgettable moments with our custom river and sea charters aboard The Tall Ship Julie Burgess.

Julie Burgess Inc. offers Mersey River charters for up to 18 persons and Bass Strait day charters for up to 11 persons for various activities such as wedding photos, the spreading of ashes, corporate team building and just for the fun of it.

Our beautiful wooden ship has been lovingly restored using traditional methods and is a floating work of art so plenty of photo opportunities abound, both aboard and astern.

Our team can provide catering if it is required by your party and with the guidance of one of our Ship’s Masters we can tailor make an experience that will be a favourite yarn to spin for many years to come.

Please contact our team to arrange a time to discuss your needs.


The vessel is available for private charter subject to availability, for both dockside and sailing experiences. The rate for use, other than those publicised (Spreading of Ashes), commences @ $400 per hour plus catering and other provisions. Note due to COVID-19 restrictions overnight passenger accommodation is limited to one or two persons.

Spreading of Ashes – $300

Spreading of Ashes is available through the normal booking system.

A standard voyage comprises of the vessel being crewed with a crew of four and operating under power only.

The voyage takes approximately one and a half hours to return from a selected location within two nautical miles of the mouth of the Mersey River where the spreading ceremony by the family takes place.

On completion, The Julie Burgess returns to her berth.

Special requests for extended sailing and other can be provided if required at a moderate extra charge, please enquire prior to booking.

Gift Vouchers

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy our special Gift Vouchers, for our 2.5 Hour Mersey Sailings experience – a perfect gift for any occasion!

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